Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maximum stress and flatbread catastrophe

So, as you can tell by my very little blogging, things have been incredibly hectic here. Phillip is now living in Greensboro and the baby and I are here trying to live a normal life. Things are hard, and I miss him so much. I got to go home this past weekend and see him, but it was definitely too short. Let's not forget how awwwwful my first week alone was.
Monday- babysitter's daughter was sick so I didn't have childcare
Tuesday- ditto the above statement
Wednesday- snowed and iced, but I had a backup babysitter
Thursday- pipes froze, no way to bathe baby or make bottles
Friday- no babysitter

And, let's not forget Sunday. I got incredibly sick on Sunday. I was throwing up allll morning and felt like absolute death. So was Paisley. She threw up all over the place too. Well, in all actuality, she threw up all over her mother.... in McDonald's.

So, needless to say, it was a very rough first week. But, on the lighter side, I gotta tell you my story about going home. As I have mentioned before, I have a weakness for strawberry frosted donuts from Dunkin Donuts and there is no location close to where I live. So, on the way to Greensboro, I stopped in Winston-Salem and ordered my beloved and a flat bread sandwich with turkey, cheddar and bacon. My first clue of things to go wrong should have been the person trying to give me a jelly filled donut. But, I got that straightened out. The second clue should have been that the person taking my order barely spoke english and I had to repeat my order 3 times. The third clue should have been that this lady knooooows the smell of bacon. When I got the sandwich in my car and got back on the highway I noticed that there was no smell of bacon in my car. So, I open my package and you will never believe what was in there...... just take the wildest guess...... AND I MEAN WILDDDDDEST GUESS......

.....a flatbread sandwich covered in chili!!!! Seriously!!! Really?!! Chili??!! On flatbread!!!??? That is not anywhere close to "turkey-bacon-cheddar-flatbread-hold the mayonaise"!!!!!!!! I even looked at my receipt and it had the right order on it!! I think to myself, "was there someone behind me that ordered this".... then I remember being freaked out because the parking lot was so dimly lit and no one was there. So, there was no one to confuse me with!!!!! Lord have mercy people! I cannot tell you how bad I wanted that sandwich. It was on my mind alllll weekend. I still am having issues and I'm seriously thinking of writing a dirty letter to the company. And to answer the question you are all thinking, NO!!! I did not eat that nasty sandwich. But Phillip did. He only got a few bites in and got nauseas it was so gross. At least the gave me the right donut flavor. They forgot the sprinkles, but I think I'll be ok with it...... maybe.