Tuesday, March 10, 2009

As I promised...

Here's more of an update, as I promised..... um... 2 weeks ago??? Oops.
I've been meaning to post pictures of our Valentine's Day dinner. It was F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C!!!

Lobster tails, Fillet Mignon, twice-baked potatoe, salad

Things are good here. I've been leaving Carter at the babysitter's house with an imaginary germ-blocker-bubble around him lately. There's 5 kids at the house, and they seem to be passing every little nasty thing back and forth. Yuck. I'm ready for him to be able to lay down for bed without sounding like an old man snoring so loudly because he has so much mucus in his little noggin. He is rolling like a mad man. It was cute, and he was proud of himself for a while, now he's just over it and knows that I put him in the floor because I have stuff to do in the house. Once he realizes this it's done. He screams, he whines, he puts his head on the floor and whimpers until I give in. He was also introduced to his exersaucer. Same deal as the rolling. He loved it at first until he realizes momma has to put him down so she can shovel in a cracker or two for dinner because there's no time to cook.

He has also moved on to having rice cereal. I never imagined how much of a headache this would be until I tried to do it by myself. I've decided it's gonna have to be a weekend treat until we can get our family back together because I don't have enough arms to keep him from raring backwards out of his Bumbo, keeping his fingers out of the food, wiping his mouth, and feeding him all at one time. He hated it at first, but this past weekend he seemed to not mind it as much and almost got a full serving in. I can't believe we're at the point of giving him cereal! Not to mention, we're almost at the point of mixing food into his cereal, and eventually moving on to JUST FOOD!! Wowzers. My little man is growing too fast.
My friend Katie has decided that she's not cooking anything else at her house unless it's in the crock pot. She has just discovered it's glories and I'm thinking it might be the only way this lady will have a meal to eat at night so I'm about to get on board. I found this great website and I'm totally inspired. I'm seriously considering giving in on the pots and pans in my home and loving up on the crock pot. Enjoy the videos and pictures I'm posting. Carter is a totally diffferent boy from one week to the next so I hope you can see how much he's grown.
Love you all, and thanks for checking in.

Yeah, I know. This picture is one of those that will make him hate me for years to come, but I LOOOOOOVE IT!

Here are more recent pictures

My sister and Paisley enjoying the Easter Egg glasses I bought her

Sooooo cute!!!!!


catie said...

ADORABLE! i love it. i am glad you're well. big hugs.