Monday, July 20, 2009

July craziness

Hello friends!!! It's me again! No, I'm not dead... just very busy! I'm back at work now and I'm loving it. The office I'm in is very small compared to the 30 or so people that I'm used to working with. We only have 8 people here and they all have the same title as me and we get along great! It was such a relief to feel like family on the first day. Things are great here. I wish I could load pictures here for you, but I'm missing pieces to my camera. As soon as I find it I will completely bombard you with photos.... no worries friends! Carter is doing so good. His friend, Thomas, is moving up into the "Crawler's" room with him and it'll be fun to see them together again. We have all been missing our friends and "family" back in the mountains. Katie, Kate, Nishelle, our boys.... everyone! It's been so sad to not wake up the the beautiful mountains everyday, but I thank the Lord each morning for bringing our family back together and for giving us the opportunities and blessings that we have here. Keep checking in because I'm totally serious about the pictures. You're not going to know what hit ya'!!!
Much love!