Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First play in the snow!

We had a lot going on over the holiday break and during the weeks surrounding Christmas that I'm hoping I can cover it all. I'm just gonna give you the pics of the snow today. Here is the snow we got right before Christmas. It was so beautiful. I freaked out the day it started and we got about 2 inches, so I came home from work early and got Carter from school. It was nice snuggling at home with hot chocolate when I was actually supposed to be slaving away at the office. Then, the snow realllly came during the night and we got to play in it the next day. Little man was too funny playing in it. He wasn't really sure what to do! His first snow was actually in October of last year, in the mountains, but he couldn't play in it because he was only 2 weeks old. So this is the first snow he's ever really seen or played in!

This was the house right before the big snow fall
(Let me go ahead and apologize for the garland that is missing on the left side railing of our porch! I know you home decorators may see it and have some shoulder spasms, so I want to apologize ahead of time.)

I found these snowflake "garland" things at the Dollar Store, loved them, but didn't know what to do with them. I think they look adorable on my front porch though!

I love going with burgandy colors during the holiday season instead of the traditional bright red!

This wreath was sooo wonderful and gave the house such a great smell as you opened the door!

Ziplocs tied around the socks! Mom always did this to us as kids and it totally worked with Carter! He was crawling around so much and the snow didn't get into his socks at all!

We tried to take him out in the wagon, but the snow was so deep that we couldn't pull it.

We had a little more luck with his car and he just loved every minute of it!

My sweet lil' man with his Harry Potter scar.

He couldn't seem to keep his balance in the snow (with all the layers)
So, there was lots of this:

and this....
...and this.

I bet he kept the hat and gloves on about 20 minutes before he was totally over it all.

Carter tried to eat the snow....

But it didn't taste anything like his beloved Goldfish!
A lil' slave labor never hurt anyone....

And here is a video for you to watch of my happy boy. Sorry it's filmed sideways and I can't rotate it, so you're just gonna have to tilt your pretty little head to see my lil' man enjoying his ride in the snow!