Thursday, October 30, 2008

I called that one!

So, on my last post I mentioned that if I was gone from the internet for a while it was because I had the baby... well......... I called that one right on time! Carter came a week early weighing in at 8 lbs 13 ounces! He's a sweet little boy who doesn't like to sleep at night and loves to keep his mommy and daddy awake, but he's quite the blessing! Phillip and I are at home visiting our parents for a couple of days so I will take the time to update pics and tell the story of my 19 hour labor as soon as possible. For now, enjoy this sweet little face (Oh, and Happy Halloween!!!) :

Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick and easy chili

As you know, I'm all about quick and easy recipes. I love making this recipe and it's always so simple and soooo yummy! I always double this recipe because it never seems to make enough if I don't. Of course, my family has this complex that cooking too much food is always better than not having enough! Just ask my friends.... they know you never leave my mom's house hungry! If you did, it's your own fault! :)

Quick and Easy Chili

1 pound ground beef
1 package Lipton Onion Soup mix
1 1/2 cup water
1 can tomato sauce
4 teaspoons chili powder
1 can red kidney beans (or chili beans)

In a skillet, brown your beef, then drain. Return your beef to the pan and add rest of ingredients. Bring mixture to a boil. Turn chili down to low, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes.
(If you want a spicier chili add more chili powder or Texas Pete Hot Sauce)

...that's it!!! Simple right!!?? I love it! Add some "Jiffy Corn Bread" on the side and you've got yourself a bit of heaven!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly check

I saw my mid-wife yesterday. Things are progressing and I'm 3.5 dilated! Insane right!?~ I can't believe it! I am 80% effaced again which is great. My midwife was talking to me about the option of inducing labor and we're gonna think on it and talk a little more about it at next week's visit. I can't believe our due date is so close! We're due next Sunday! I'm really wiggin' out here! It's just so close and so real! I keep piddlin' around in the baby's room and it's not quite organized and done yet, but I'll take pictures of it and post them as soon as I get cuteness in it.
We are ordering Carter's Halloween costume today. I can't wait to surprise you with it!!! Oh, by the way, if I happen to disappear from internet/blogging world it's because I had the baby. Our house is cut into the side of the mountain and we do not have internet at home, so the only time for me to post is at work. I will find internet for you friends, some way, some how!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Family weekend

My parents came up with my niece this weekend and we had a wonderful time. It was a short visit, but still, a very nice one. Went on a little photo shoot with Paisley and got some great shots. It's amazing how much she has grown up. I tell ya, I'm one lucky aunt! I just love it when she sees me walk in the room and squeals and laughs! I miss that little booger so much!

I am farrrrrr to cute for my own good!

This is my favorite look of hers. It's when she sees something new, or gets into something she shouldn't and she says "ooooooo!!"

Flower child

Uncle Tink putting a flower in my hair.

Sniffing the flowers

My grandmother loves me!

Give me that!

Me and my Poppy

Partners in crime!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday review

I think I've mentioned before how much I love my husband.... yup.... I'm pretty sure I have..... yup... no doubt about it b/c he is the best thing in the world since sliced bread, pizza, ice cream, cherry-limeade from Sonic, and everything else fantastic you can think of. Wanna know why I love him even more? Yesterday was my b-day (thanks for the sweet wishes by the way!!) and he made it an awesome b-day. Last year's b-day was traumatic. Last year, I realized that I was not as young as I wanted to be or imagined myself to be. I realized I was half-way to a dreaded number. I missed my friends. I missed my family. It was just bad. This year was great! We went to an amaaaaazing Chinese buffet in Asheville called "Asiana Grand Buffet." If you are anywhere close to Asheville, North Carolina, get in your car and go there. It's awesome! They have row after row of great buffet foods, a sushi bar, a barbecue line, and a mangolian grill that's awesome!! Anyway, there was about 16 of us there and I just enjoyed myself so much. I was surrounded by people that I love, I got calls from people I love, I got cards from people I love, and was just overwhelmed with happiness and people thinking of me. Then, after dinner, the pièce de résistance..... a cookie cake!!! I am a huuuuuge fan of cookie cakes! I was greeted with a ginormous cookie cake that made me quite the happy girl!
It was sooooo good, and soooo big!!! It was all decorated in my favorite colors and said "Happy Birthday Sara!" Needless to say, this is all that's left of it this morning!

NOOOO!! I didn't eat that all by myself! I shared it with my guests :) But, I do think I could have cleared the whole thing without assistance, trouble, or hesitation if need be!!
Then, we got home and I got my b-day presents from him. I really thought we would be going easy on the presents this year, but he out-did himself! I got this beautiful necklace "from him and Carter" that was very similar to this:
It's a mother hugging her child, and it had the jewel in a different place and was mine and Carter's birthstone. How sweet right??!!~ It definitely brought tears to my eyes. Then, he gave me a cookbook for all my recipes that I've found and have been storing up that are my favorites and all my family recipes that I cherish. I love it! It's awesome! I can't wait to start loading it up! Oh, also, I was surprised at work by a lovely bouquet of roses from my mom and dad.
I love getting flowers! I've never seen roses paired with hydrangeas like this before, they are gorgeous! Well, needless to say, I really had a fantastic birthday! I was surrounded by people I loved, and knew that the people that aren't geographicly close to me were thinking of me and that's all that matters! Love you guys!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Checking in

Yup.... still pregnant......

Had my check up this morning with my mid-wife and I'm still measuring a week ahead in how big Carter is. I'm still 1.5 dilated, but I'm not as effaced. I didn't even know the amount of "effaced" could change, but evidently it has a lot to do with how strong my contractions have been, and they haven't been as strong this week, so my cervix isn't as thin. But, my mid-wife says that this doesn't predict anything, and it still means I could go into labor tonight, or go to my due date or past (God forbid!).

This past weekend was crazy. My mother-in-law, her sister (Phillip's aunt), and their mother (Phillip's Nana) came to visit us for the weekend. It was touch b/c they last time his mom was there was when Phillip's dad passed away. Lots of reminders for us all, and sadness. But, it was a very nice visit. We had dinner Friday night at the Jarrett House (you all know how much I love this place!!!) and I had the most akward pregnancy moment ever. It was so weird, and random, you couldn't even think/imagine this one up!!! I'm standing in line to pay for dinner and this RANDOM lady (let me stress the fact that I DO NOT KNOW THIS LADY AT ALL!!!) taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and she and another lady are standing. This is what goes down:
Crazy lady- "Excuse me, can me and my daughter rub your belly?"
Me- "Whhhhaaaaaa!?"
Crazy lady- "Yeah, my daughter is 32 years old and I have yet to get a grand baby out of her!"
Me- (smiling awkwardly and feeling bad for the daughter) "Oh, I'm so sorry!"
Crazy lady- "I think if we rub your belly we might have some luck and I can have a grandbaby that's not a monkey"
Me- (about to run and hide with a very confused and puzzled luck on my face)..... "Uh....... are you on crack?" (Nope, didn't say it, just thought it!)
Crazy lady- "Yeah, my son had me a grandbaby, now I want one from her! I'm tired of considering a monkey to be my grandbaby!"
Me- ...still speechless.... (....seriously, what do you think I was thinking??? )
Monkey lady- "Yeah, my husband and I are enjoying life and consider our monkey to be our child. Obviously momma doesn't like it so much."
So, she wasn't kidding!!! She actually had a monkey!!! She whips out her phone and starts showing Phillip and I 30-some pictures of her monkey (who is adorable and has a diaper!!) and tells us how they are from Georgia and they don't want kids and are perfectly happy with their darling little monkey. It's seriously like "Marcell" from Friends and it's really kinda odd, but so cute!........... RANDOM AND CRAZY RIGHT!!!~ I told you, you can't make this stuff up!!