Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall fabulosity

It's officially Fall. This girl is PUMPED! Not only does it mean birthday season...
my sister- September 28
my dad- September 20
me- October 2
Carter- October 12
brother in law- October 28
sister in law- Nov 1?

.................but it also means decorating!!! I'm soooo in love with fall colors, the smell of leaves changing and falling to the ground, and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins...everywhere!! I'm gathering ideas from Martha (of course!) and other bloggers to make my new home so beautiful (even though there's technically only 1 room that has been made over since we moved in and it's still in need of lots of lovin'). I've got so much to do, and so much brain storming that is just sending me into a tizzy!! Not only am I doing stuff for Fall/Halloween, I'm also making baby booties, a baby blanket, a banner for Carter's b-day party, applique shirts for Carter's b-day, stuffed pumpkins, table runners, curtains for the house and sooooo much more!! My sewing machine and my brain are about to blow! I'm so pumped! I'll keep you posted and put up pictures ASAP!!
Here are pics from our trip to the mountains last week. (**insert "siiiiiigh" and "I miss it so much!" here**)

Silver Run Falls
Cashiers, NC

At the WCU football... I love my alma-mater!
My aunt Nishelle

Passing down that Catamount Pride!
He's his father's son....

making friends with the ladies

This was me attempting a family shot, but not so much....
But, seriously, look at mine at Phillip's eyes- How did Carter get such piercing blue eyes???
My mountain strength

Me, Jeff, Kate, and Maria
Jeff and Kate are the ones expecting in November that Maria and I threw the baby shower for. I'll be posting pics from that next time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crunch N' Munch

So, my new office is definitely a bummer compared to my old office. At my office in the mountains I had a nice some-what large office to myself. Here, I share a VERY TINY cubicle room with 5 other people. Fortunately, but unfortunately, I'm on the back side of the cubicle sectional. So, this means the 1 office that is to my left is only used by visiting therapists and other staff members who need a place to crash when they come to our satellite office, and the other walls are shared. Unfortunately, being on the back means no window, no sunshine, no light, no nothing but a wall (which I have slap-covered with pictures because my cubicle is too small for all the pictures I had in my other office). The ladies here don't like the overhead lights. Neither do I because they give me a headache. So, they turn the lights office and use the sunshine as their beautiful natural lighting. I have none of the sort. I have a dark, dismall, hole. I've had to go out and buy a crap ton of lights for my office b/c it's soooo dark. Unfortunately, when I went to buy a lamp from Target, all they had was one with 4 arms jutting out, and the bulb covers were in shades of pink and one that is white. So, when you walk into our dark office, you see my pitiful little office glowing pink like the glowing pits of pink hell. It's terrible.
The front side of my cubicle is shared with the other ladies. Let me preface what I'm about to say with "I love these women, and I love working with this group." The person almost directly in front of me is a girl, about my age, with a little boy, a few months older than Carter. I like her. She's funny, and a bit "dippy" like me. But... she's a cruncher. Everything she eats is crunchy. She hasn't learned to close her mouth when she's eating. So, when she's crunching, I get to hear everything soooo loudly because she wont close her mouth. I get to hear her tongue slapping around her mouth, and her food moving around too. She's a little girl, and has a tiny mouth, so she does lots of quick crunching and lots of moving the food around. It's truly about to drive me crazy.
One of the other ladies in my "cubicle-room" has the only microwave that hasn't been blown up by the crazy electric sockets in this joint. She's freakin' hilarious, and I love her even more because she graduated from the same college as I did, and in the social work department like I did. But, she's a crazy eater. She eats some of the craziest, stinkiest stuff. She also shares a wall with me, along with Crunchy-Chick. Stinky-McStinkerson cooks eggs EVERY DAY. EVERY. DAY. As you know, I have extreme texture issues. Along with those texture issues is a VVVVEEEERY strong sense of smell. This does not bode well with the eggs in the morning or the stinky fish she seems to have every other day.
I'm about to die people. Not only is my sincere dislike of the tongue/seeing/hearing people eat being completely over-played, so is my since of smell.
.... thanks for letting me vent.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

baby shower

We will be back in the mountains for a baby shower this weekend that I am hosting with a mutual friend for a very special couple that means a lot to Phillip and I. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Looks like I'll be leaning on a few "old-faithful" recipes that you've seen before, but I can't wait to show you the pics of the presents I am making her. I just can't wait to be surrounded by friends and the beauty of my "peaceful spot" back in Sylva.
Things at the house are going very well. We got a lot done at the house and have been living in it full time since this weekend. We've got a few things left at the apartment to take care of, but other than that we're pretty much all moved. We got the living room painted a very beautiful light tan color, the hideously pink bathroom is now a beautiful green, and the dining room is the same red as our old bedroom. But.... I hate the dining room color. It's awful. It turned out more of a lipstick color this time around, and I don't know why. For some reason, it has more of a pink tone to it than it did back in our mountain home. I thought our bedroom was pretty light, but it must have been more dark than I knew, b/c that color was NOWHERE near that pink color we ended up with. Oh well.... can't change it now. Phillip started to strip the wallpaper in the kitchen and that was just a bad idea. It pulled up the wall behind it and it's just a big mess now. Not sure what we're going to do with it.
OH!! I forgot to mention.... Lil man just got introduced to steps at this new house. Let me tell you!... it is nooooo problem for this guy! He hopped right up on them and got half way up the steps before he got tired! Not to mention, he didn't even use his knees to get up. He's just going one foot after the other! Sheeeeesh!~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Move in!

Tomorrow we sign papers to make the house in Elon ours! I'm waaaay too pumped to finally get in there! We've got loooooots of updating and painting to do that will come in stages over time, but I just can't wait...... I've got ants in my pants! Be thinking of us tomorrow as we sign papers and work our little fingers to the bones this weekend! Praise the Lord we are off on Monday!