Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Planning Period

It's almost that time again..... birthday palooza and autumn!!  EEEEEKKK!!  This girl is soooo excited!  The marching bands are hitting the fields for practice, and soon we will be able to go watch football games (not so excited), watch the half time shows (very exciting if you were part of the amazing Pride of the Mountains like I was!!!), and see all the beautiful colors in the trees.  Paisley's birthday is August 18th.  My sister's birthday is September 28th.  My dad's is September 30.  My b-day is October 2nd. (AND IN CASE YOU DIDN'T CATCH THAT, IT MEANS 3 BIRTHDAYS WITHIN A 5 DAY PERIOD!!) Carter's birthday is October 12th.  This girl has got to kick it into gear.  Paisley has requested butterfly cupcakes for her party and I've been scheming and planning already.  I'm also gearing up for a train themed birthday party for Carter. 

I love a website called youcanmakethis.com  It has amazing tutorials and patterns that keep my creative juices flowing.  They sent me my monthly newsletter that included several Halloween projects (EEEEEK!!  That's another one to plan for!!) and it reminded me how close all these events are.

...........Seriously... let me catch a breath and back-track for a second, because I truly just remembered about Halloween!!  Oh, the planning for costumes to do!!  yayyyyyy!!!............
Ok, snap back to reality.  That site got me thinking about all the fall decor that I love putting around my house and how there were so many projects I wanted to get around to last year, and never did it.  I was sooooo excited about this little thing here from Beth's website that I went and got the fabric, stuffing, ribbons, and wires..... but never did it. 

Insert big "FAILURE" here.

I can't wait!!  Oooooohhh!!  I'm so excited to jump back into it!!  Gotta get back to work, but I had to splurge my energy and excitement somewhere!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

quick interruption of your day....

Just taking another moment to completely gloat about how cute my baby and my niece are... thank you....

Gotta love Spider-Man sunglasses!

And to share what we've been doing a lot of this summer.....

  Being super silly in daddy's broken sunglasses

Driving daddy's boat

Lots of lake time (which means this little momma has a tan for the first time in 3 years!  Woot!)

Hopefully more pictures from the lake and the beach as soon as I can find the stupid cable that connects my computer to my camera!!  (arg!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Never got to post these...

I wanted to post the pictures from the most recent Mother's Day because I just love being with my family.  Paisley and Carter are growing so fast and they are such great playmates.  It's hilarious to watch them as they enter a room together.  It's like firecrackers!  Carter starts squealing, kicking his feet, and yelling "Paibley, Paibley, Paibley!" and Paisley squeals back and always goes running for a hug from her "Car-Car".  It's the sweetest thing!  They all came to my house for Mother's Day and we ribs on the grill, fresh veggies, and a nice cookie-cake dessert (looooooooove it!).  

This boy loooooves his rainboots!

I love that she looks just like me!

...but she acts just like her momma!

This is my favorite picture, almost of all times!  My mom is so good with our babies and lets them be wild babies, but has a good ruling hand if she needs it!

My little family  :)

I have to post these next photos just because I have the cutest kid in the world and he has quite the personality.  I've always had VERY curly hair.  I use a good brush now that pulls out some of the curl, but I still have to use the straightener on it.  So, I've always imagined that my youngin's would have my curly hair.  Not so much.  He has my blonde hair, but he has his daddy's hair line, hair texture, and hair "direction".  It always lays flat on his head like his daddy's, and it parts the same way as his daddy.  So, this girl was dying to have a curly headed day for Carter.  So, I got it all wet, scruched up his curls, and then sprayed the crap out of it.  He looked like a crazy fool with his hair standing straight up on his head, but I thought it was cute!

....and of course when I went to pick him up at the end of the day his hair was straight as a whistle and laying flat on his head.  Gotta love it.

This is his new water table.  He hasn't understood that you need to play with that water IN it instead of sitting ON it. 

He has always sniffed like he was smelling whenever I talk about flowers.  Ever since we've had dandelions growing in the yard he thinks sniffing is blowing.  Here is he is "smelling his flower" and giving it to mommy.

.... my sweet boy :)