Sunday, June 21, 2009

June update

So, I finally got a chance to check my email and it's about floooooooded!! Things are going well here. I'm enjoying having stores and civilization much closer to us now. We've been swimming just about every night at the pool and have been able to dunk Carter under the water without him going crazy. Of course, that was no easy feat! Bless his little heart he came back up out of the water screaming and with the worst crazed look in his eyes. He has grown up so much just within the past month and now has 6 teeth. He had 4 come in on top all at one time. He's so cute because those teeth are soooo far apart and you can't help but laugh when he smiles! We're looking into getting internet, so I'm not sure when the next time is that I will be able to post. But, I will be able to post more once I start my job. The job that was offered to me back in March, but then was put on hold due to state budget restrictions called and let me know that I can start whenever I wanted and they were looking forward to having me. Thank you Lord! Looks like I will be starting up mid-July at the office in Durham doing the same thing that I was doing in the mountains. I'm gonna post new pictures but I'm not sure when I will be back! Thanks for checking in on us! Love you guys!