Monday, January 28, 2008

First Ever!

Hello peeps! For a long time I've been following a blog of a stay-at-home-mother who I'm totally envious of for her recipes and beautiful daughter and decided to give it a go at a blog of my own. I got a sewing machine from my mother for Christmas (a loooong time wish of mine) and I've just started banging out stuff for the crap load of friends that have had babies within the past year. I figure I don't have any of my own yet, so why not spoil the other ones while I can. I've also been inspired to start cooking more and being a little more creative with my desserts/pastries so maybe you'll get a little taste of that if I can remember to keep this up. Feel free to drop any comments my way and help me out with the formatting of this page. I would like to personalize it with pictures of my own but I guess I'll just have to stay generic for a while. Enjoy!! ...Now, be prepared b/c I'm going to flood you with pics of my adorable neice who I think the world of and recent cooking adventures for my computer savy husband and his work place.
This is my precious niece at her first Christmas.

Chocolate cupcakes with fondant "Mac" symbol


Anonymous said...

Your niece is sooooo cute! Love her cheeks. ;)

Heh, and those cupcakes are cute too.

Welcome to blog-land!!!

Bakerella said...

These are great! I made a mini mac cake for a friend earlier this year. I love apple!

Future Envy of the PTA said...

Thank you!
Oh, and regarding my niece's cheeks, her day care provider told me she had my cheeks... I'm not so sure it's a compliment, but I do love them!