Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top of the mornin' to ya!

Good morning! Last night was completely uneventful for me in the cooking department. Do you ever have those days when you take hours to think of what you want for dinner? That was definitely me last night. I stood in the local Super Walmart last night looking up and down the massive aisles thinking to myself, "What to eat, what to eat, what to eat?" When I can't come up with anything original I always go to Kraftfoods.com or foodnetwork.com . Last night, Kraft was the lucky winner, even though I almost ditched the idea once I got to the store. But I pulled through and picked up the ingredients for "Taco Pizza." It was farely simple to make (which is good, b/c I was in no mood for it to go wrong), and Phillip seemed to enjoy it. I think I would've liked it better if I could find a better crust. Word for the wise, if Super Walmart is out of stock of pizza crusts that seem decent, abort mission and go to the next store!!! The dough I bought was incredibly yeasty smelling and reminded me of the rolls you got in the cafeteria of middle school.... eek! Other than that, hooray for Kraft pulling me through one more time!
But anyway, Phillip, my wonderful hubbie, and I watched the State of the Union last night. I'll have to say that I've never actually sat down and watched one of these and I was just amazed at how this pumped up the president's ego. I've never seen him look so cocky in my life! Don't automatically take me for a hater of Bush, I have mixed opinions on my political standpoint, and I honestly haven't made my mind up on how I feel about him. Some decisions he's made have been good, some bad. But anyway, it was amazing to see the room divided on who was supporting what. The democrats were so stiff when they opposed something he said. Bush would say something and half the room (the republicans) would stand up, hoot and holler, and the other side would be sitting stiffly like stones. It just amazed me. Then, you'd look at the president and see this smile on his face saying, "Yeah, I'm the shiz-nit!" I found myself focusing more on that than what he was actually addressing. I can't imagine being back in the day when presidents like Roosevelt came in the the whole nation was cheering for him and backing him up on what he says. It would have been awesome to sit in on. Anyways..... Here's more pics of Cheeks McGee (my neice) from some of the many photo sessions I've done with her. Hope you enjoy them! I'm trying hard to learn how to be a good photographer.


Joanna said...

mmmm. Taco pizza sounds good. Love your pix of the baby. My fave is the one where she pulled off her shoe. Hee!