Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I've never been so behind for Christmas in my life!! We leave today to be with our parents for the rest of the week, bouncing back and forth from Burlington to Durham on a daily basis. Basically, my version of hell. I have yet to wrap the presents for 4 different people, buy for 3 different people, and I haven't packed..... at all. I haven't packed for me. I haven't packed for the baby. We have a laundry room full of clothes that need to be washed so that I have something to wear for the holidays. So, this lady will look like a hobo for Christmas this year in whatever is clean and not on the floor that will fit in my suitcase. But, at least I'll be sporting the new Very Bradley bag that Phillip got me for Christmas. Booyow- that makes me a very happy hobo.

Merry Christmas!!!



saraiwithani said...

Merry Christmas, Sara!! Can't wait to see pictures of Carter's 1st Christmas...should be lots of fun! :)