Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a sign from above....

I got a true a sign from above that I should not be such a heffa'. The only thing that makes my long drive to work in the mornings bearable are my stops for a steamer from Starbucks, or breakfast from Chick-Fl-A. I stopped at the latter and got breakfast today. As I was shnarfing it down, I unknowingly dropped a tater-tot into my lap and it weaseled itself between my thighs. I don't realize it's there until I get to work and see that every time I moved my legs to push the brake or gas pedals I was rubbing that stupid tater deeper and deeper into the crotch of my pants. So, today, after I dressed up for a rich client that I'm seeing, I walk into work with greasy crotch. Dang it!!~