Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall fabulosity

It's officially Fall. This girl is PUMPED! Not only does it mean birthday season...
my sister- September 28
my dad- September 20
me- October 2
Carter- October 12
brother in law- October 28
sister in law- Nov 1?

.................but it also means decorating!!! I'm soooo in love with fall colors, the smell of leaves changing and falling to the ground, and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins...everywhere!! I'm gathering ideas from Martha (of course!) and other bloggers to make my new home so beautiful (even though there's technically only 1 room that has been made over since we moved in and it's still in need of lots of lovin'). I've got so much to do, and so much brain storming that is just sending me into a tizzy!! Not only am I doing stuff for Fall/Halloween, I'm also making baby booties, a baby blanket, a banner for Carter's b-day party, applique shirts for Carter's b-day, stuffed pumpkins, table runners, curtains for the house and sooooo much more!! My sewing machine and my brain are about to blow! I'm so pumped! I'll keep you posted and put up pictures ASAP!!
Here are pics from our trip to the mountains last week. (**insert "siiiiiigh" and "I miss it so much!" here**)

Silver Run Falls
Cashiers, NC

At the WCU football... I love my alma-mater!
My aunt Nishelle

Passing down that Catamount Pride!
He's his father's son....

making friends with the ladies

This was me attempting a family shot, but not so much....
But, seriously, look at mine at Phillip's eyes- How did Carter get such piercing blue eyes???
My mountain strength

Me, Jeff, Kate, and Maria
Jeff and Kate are the ones expecting in November that Maria and I threw the baby shower for. I'll be posting pics from that next time.