Friday, October 2, 2009


This has been one crazy week. Monday was my sister's b-day. Wednesday was my dad's.

Today is my birthday. Yay! I've gotten some great birthday wishes and it has made my day!

Next week is Carter's. I'm more excited/sad about this than any other b-day. I made the most ridiculously cute invitations for him and actually got them out in the mail on Monday. I was so excited that I was doing so well on time. Then, I noticed today that every single one of the invitations sent out had the wrong postage on it. I blame you, USPS! You keep increasing the postage rate and I cannot keep up with you! This also means all the bills I sent out this week also have the wrong postage. This is why I love online banking and payments. Dangit! Dangit! Dangit! I'm hoping USPS will realize what d-bags they have been for increasing postage rates so much and have pity on this poor little momma's soul and pay for it themselves (or just send me a bill later). I'm so crrrraaaazy stressed about this party already... it's just not a good sign! Arg.

Anyway, enjoy these cute pics. Lil due and Paisley are growing fast.