Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Farm Themed birthday party

So, I've been waiting to post this because there were so many cameras snapping shots during Carter's b-day party...... and mine was BARELY one of them. It's been such a bummer to not really have any pics from his party. I was ridiculously busy during the party and did not get the dream pictures I wanted and planned for. I was hoping people would send me there's, but there's been no such luck. Here's what I've got so far. Enjoy!

Poppy, Aunt Mamie, Paisley

Singing Happy Birthday (not sure why all these pics are blurry!)

Blowing out the candle

Little man loooooved his cupcake and demolished the entire thing!

All the kids were dressed in their farm attire! It was just precious!

Oh daddy please let me get in my car!

Cousins- Jake & Carter

My best friend from college and her little boy

Phillip's mother

Farmer Carter

So you couldn't see the detail of the shirt I made him for the party, so I had to make sure to get some pics without the pants so you could see it (and the fat little legs hanging out beneath it are always a bonus!)

Applique is my friend!!!

Barnyard cupcakes!! Phillip couldn't figure out the top one was a cow so I'm not so sure it was a sucesss. I think it's pretty obvious.... but, whatever...

The Food
Ok, so I have to confess, I didn't get ANY good pictures of the food b/c I was so busy, so I got pictures of them after everyone tore into it. Sorry folks!! Oh, and some of this stuff was supposed to have tags with it stating what it was, but I never got around it to either. (I got some of the ideas from Kara's Party Ideas)

The veggies tray was supposed to be "Carter's Veggie Garden"

From the top left: "Cow Pies" (also known as "No Bake" or "Boiled" cookies), apples and caramel, "Pigs in a blanket", chips, Veggies Sticks, "Chicken Feed" (also known as Chex Mix)

Bullocks BBQ (yummmmmy!)

Not pictured was the potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, sweet tea, and lemonade.


Added a little fabric bow to my wreath on the front door

Pig cupcake

Chicken cupcake

Cow cupcake

This is a horrible picture of the balloon weights, but I refuse to spend $2 on weights to hold the balloons. So, I cut squares into fabric that I bought to use for the party (blue and red bandanna pattern and cow print) and put a ziploc bag of dried beans inside to act as weight. They turned out stinking adorable, but you really can't tell from this pic. Also, I bought these table covers from Oriental Trading. They came in a pack of 12 for $15.

The napkins (purchased at Hobby Lobby). The red bandannas were placed on my island in the kitchen, under all the food that was on top of it (better picture can be found above in the "food" section).

The balloon bundles. I looooove cow print!
These balloons also came from Oriental Trading.

I didn't get a picture of them, but I found some great gift bags for the kids to take home along with the balloon bundles. They matched the blue and red bandanna and cow print fabric the balloon weights were made out of and were JUST PERFECT!

The aftermath

This was little man taking his first steps unassisted! Just cruised right across the room like he's been doing it for years! Little stinker!

Overall, the party went really well. Unfortunately, a few friends didn't get to come, it made the guest list smaller than we expected, but we still had over 20 people there. I really wanted the party to be outside, with hay-bales all around and places for the kiddies to play, but it was too cold, so we all just huddled in the garage. But, you know what, end the end, Carter had a great time with all his family and the other babies around, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and that's ALL that matters to me. Everyone made Carter's party so special and I could not have asked for a better time myself!

My next post will be for people like me who were SCRAMBLING the week of his party to find different designs for barnyard cupcakes and couldn't find annnnnnything. Granted, there were plenty of fondant cupcakes that I would have loved to do, but I just did not have the time!