Friday, September 24, 2010

curse out loud

I'm obsessed with baby booties.  Really... obsessed.  I didn't know about them when Carter came along, but he would have had a million of them if I had known.  I love making them for my friends and thinking about the sweet little precious baby feet that will be in them.  I feel sure they aren't as crazy about them as much as I am.  Oh well. 
Last night, that sweetness was thrown out the window.  I usually use the Stardust Shoes pattern, which is relatively easy once you get it down after a few trial and errors.  I found this new pattern and just died.  I was so excited that one of my co-workers is having a girl and I could try it out on her.  Love the look of this shoe.  Hate what it did to me last night and this morning.  I cut all the pieces the night before to save me some time, then started piecing it together and getting it so pretty last night.  Then, the inevitable happened.  I looked at the strap closely and noticed that a quarter of it hadn't been sewn in with all the other layers and could rip off very easily.  Of course, this strap was one of the first things to be put on and I noticed this as I was doing the VERY LAST step in trying to get this shoe together.  It was so late, so I cursed whimpered loudly to myself at my table and retired for the evening thinking that I would just not have this little handmade item in my gift to my friend.  I got up and called into to work so I could work on my booties (I'm so bad!) and then set out to fix them.  So, I tried to pull out the seams to the booties and ended up ripping the top portion of one of the shoes.  I cut out a new pattern and started all over again.  The other bootie was fine, but looking a little worn around the edges of my fabric.  I trudged ahead.  A little too nonchalantly.  I sewed the fabric inside out.  Of course.  Out comes the seam ripper again.  I sew it again, move forward, and make it to the next step in the pattern.  Then, realize that i sewed that inside out TOO!  Out comes the seam ripper again.... (ggrrrr!!)  At this point the fabric is a pile of strings.  Fix the mistake, get to the last step.  Then I realize.... that stupid strap is in the wrong place AAAAAND it's STILL not connected to the fabric!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHH!! ...***insert steaming head here***...

Note to self- when you've worn the threads down in your fabric, your seam ripper goes into hiding, and you get so mad you start cursing like a sailor and then snorting- it's time to hang it up.


Catie said...

oh my gosh! THESE ARE SO CUTE. :) i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. and i love you. huge hugs.