Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday review

I think I've mentioned before how much I love my husband.... yup.... I'm pretty sure I have..... yup... no doubt about it b/c he is the best thing in the world since sliced bread, pizza, ice cream, cherry-limeade from Sonic, and everything else fantastic you can think of. Wanna know why I love him even more? Yesterday was my b-day (thanks for the sweet wishes by the way!!) and he made it an awesome b-day. Last year's b-day was traumatic. Last year, I realized that I was not as young as I wanted to be or imagined myself to be. I realized I was half-way to a dreaded number. I missed my friends. I missed my family. It was just bad. This year was great! We went to an amaaaaazing Chinese buffet in Asheville called "Asiana Grand Buffet." If you are anywhere close to Asheville, North Carolina, get in your car and go there. It's awesome! They have row after row of great buffet foods, a sushi bar, a barbecue line, and a mangolian grill that's awesome!! Anyway, there was about 16 of us there and I just enjoyed myself so much. I was surrounded by people that I love, I got calls from people I love, I got cards from people I love, and was just overwhelmed with happiness and people thinking of me. Then, after dinner, the pièce de résistance..... a cookie cake!!! I am a huuuuuge fan of cookie cakes! I was greeted with a ginormous cookie cake that made me quite the happy girl!
It was sooooo good, and soooo big!!! It was all decorated in my favorite colors and said "Happy Birthday Sara!" Needless to say, this is all that's left of it this morning!

NOOOO!! I didn't eat that all by myself! I shared it with my guests :) But, I do think I could have cleared the whole thing without assistance, trouble, or hesitation if need be!!
Then, we got home and I got my b-day presents from him. I really thought we would be going easy on the presents this year, but he out-did himself! I got this beautiful necklace "from him and Carter" that was very similar to this:
It's a mother hugging her child, and it had the jewel in a different place and was mine and Carter's birthstone. How sweet right??!!~ It definitely brought tears to my eyes. Then, he gave me a cookbook for all my recipes that I've found and have been storing up that are my favorites and all my family recipes that I cherish. I love it! It's awesome! I can't wait to start loading it up! Oh, also, I was surprised at work by a lovely bouquet of roses from my mom and dad.
I love getting flowers! I've never seen roses paired with hydrangeas like this before, they are gorgeous! Well, needless to say, I really had a fantastic birthday! I was surrounded by people I loved, and knew that the people that aren't geographicly close to me were thinking of me and that's all that matters! Love you guys!