Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly check

I saw my mid-wife yesterday. Things are progressing and I'm 3.5 dilated! Insane right!?~ I can't believe it! I am 80% effaced again which is great. My midwife was talking to me about the option of inducing labor and we're gonna think on it and talk a little more about it at next week's visit. I can't believe our due date is so close! We're due next Sunday! I'm really wiggin' out here! It's just so close and so real! I keep piddlin' around in the baby's room and it's not quite organized and done yet, but I'll take pictures of it and post them as soon as I get cuteness in it.
We are ordering Carter's Halloween costume today. I can't wait to surprise you with it!!! Oh, by the way, if I happen to disappear from internet/blogging world it's because I had the baby. Our house is cut into the side of the mountain and we do not have internet at home, so the only time for me to post is at work. I will find internet for you friends, some way, some how!!