Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life is sad, but good...

It's times like these that I remember how good it is to have my life. Things are very sad right now with Phillip taking the last bit of stuff from the house this weekend and leaving with Carter for the next two weeks. But, things are also very good. Every one of our guy friends came and helped us pack and get our stuff moved out, and all my girlfriends have been in touch with me to show their support and love in such a hard time. I love how my "family" always comes through. And I put "family" in quotations because I truly consider my friends to be part of our family. They were always there supporting and loving Phillip and I through the beginning of our relationship, through marriage, through child birth, and through Carter growing up. They are good people and I'm proud to call them my friends and "family." Speaking of family, my mom and dad came up this past weekend to help us pack the last bit and we couldn't have done it without them. I love seeing my parents with Carter. It's magical. They are so good with him and just love him so much. I'm looking forward to being closer to them.
We signed on the house yesterday. Very, very sad, but also a huge weight off our shoulders. Kate came over last night to help me pack the last bit of stuff and take it off for storage. I just cried and cried over the house being empty and leaving so many memories. I'm glad she was there. Her hugs were the best thing to keep me going. I'm staying with her and Nishelle for the next 2 weeks and things have started off very well. We laughed and talked all night last night and we're going for crazy Chinese dinner and shopping tonight. It's just what I need to take my mind off things. Well, I actually need to work today, so I'm gonna go. I'll post pics of our house as soon as I can. I wont be posting pics of the apartment because we don't plan on putting anything on the walls or personalizing it because we really don't plan on being their long. Feel free to come and stay with us though!!! We love house-guests!!