Friday, May 1, 2009

The Chosen One

And the winner is...... Eco!!!

They are soooo pretty and the polka dots just won me over. I got some great discounts for being a first time buyer and free shipping!! Who can beat that!? The company I bought them from is and they are just too awesome. They got my order processed the same day and I should be receiving my bags in about a week! I can't wait!
I was crusing the website after my purchase and found this:

It's goggles to keep you from crying when you chop onions!! How funny is that!! Actually, it's not funny..... I COULD TOTALLY USE A PAIR!! This little pansy tears up like nobody's business when she's cutting onions. I'm seriously thinking I might have to bust out some swimming goggles next time I chop onions!!


saraiwithani said...

No kidding about the whole onion thing...I make Marty chop them all the time (he wears contacts and apparently that makes your eyes tear up least it does for him). I'm all about some swimming goggles though! Oh, the pain that will avoided...and oh, how funny for our husbands!