Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Moving

This was my 1st Mother's Day.

It was a bummer to have to pack everything, but still great because I was with my boys. I wish I could have been home with my mom and my sister to celebrate their special day with them, but it just wasn't in the cards. Instead, we spent the entire weekend packing our crap and sending it to Burlington. Phillip and our friends were fantastic and loaded up that truck in a day. Bless his heart, then he had to take the truck home and unload it by himself! I'm getting extra nervous about moving these days. We sign papers on our house this coming Monday. Then, our beloved "Beechwood" home will no longer be ours. On Monday Phillip will be taking Carter back to Burlington with him, and I will have 2 more weeks here working so I can continue to have insurance for a little bit longer. I will not have my own home. I will not have my own bed. I will be living out of a suitcase. Fortunately, my loving friend, Kate, has agreed to take me in and I will be crashing on her couch for those 2 weeks. I will miss my friends when I leave. I finally started loving this place and feeling secure and at home, and we're leaving. My friends from high school moved up and are just living down the mountain from me, and we're leaving. Besides the 2 weeks of rain we've had, we've had great weather lately. Carter and I have have been having nightly strolls before his bath. We've met soooo many neighbors who have been been walking also, who stop to tell me how cute my baby is, and I say "I know!" (TOOOOOTALLY KIDDING!!!) I've finally met my neighbors, and we're moving! Our house is cut into the side of a mountain and our neighbors are close enough to get help from if we need, but far enough away to really never have any contact with them. That's really been the only complaint about my house. I grew up in a culdasac where I knew all my neighbors, they babysat me growing up, I babysat their kids when I was older, and we all walked across yards to borrow a cup of flour if we needed it. There's none of that here. Not to mention, since you have to drive up the mountain to get to our house, there's no mailboxes because the mailmen can't get there. But, that's just moutain living. Pretty much nobody here has a mailbox. We all have P.O. boxes. But, at the bottom of our development is a line of mailboxes that got so large that a sign went up saying "No more boxes" and only half our neighborhood has a box out there. When we first moved in we drove by the boxes and didn't see one for our house so we just kept our P.O. box. We've had that box for almost 5 years. Phillip had it before we got married. Last night, on our little walk, I meandered up that hill next to the boxes and lo-and-behold..... WE HAVE A FREAKIN' MAILBOX! It's completely out of order and out of place with the order of house numbers and street numbers.... but it's in there hiding!! Arg!!! And now, that we've lived there for a couple of years, and we're signing papers in 5 days, and moving away, I find our mailbox. Of course.
Anyway. I had a nice lunch on Mother's Day. Phillip got me an awesome book because I commented to him about how I don't have time to myself to even crack a book. I've attempted to read it the past two nights. So far, I've read half of the "forward". He also got me the only video game that I can play. We bought it when we first got married and somehow lost it over the years, but he bought it for me again so I can be part of the "Wii" console. Personally, I think he bought it so he can laugh at me losing the games over and over again and getting waaaaay to into the game so much that I'm screaming and bouncing around the room along with whatever the characters are doing.
Thanks for checking in on us. We are doing well and I'm enjoying my last few days with my baby until he's with his daddy for 2 weeks. I just realized that I have to pack my office and there's about as much much crap here as there is in my house. Yikes.