Monday, April 27, 2009

Friendly Shopper

So, I'm making an effort to be a little more environmentally savy. I have been brainstorming on recycling and how to be more efficient once we move down east, and how I can make this something cute, and not just an eye-sore. Yes, I'm sorry, I went there.... my recycling must be cute. Don't give me any crap about it. It makes more likely to do it, so there!
Next thing- shopping bags. No one asks anymore if you want paper or plastic when you go shopping. They just plop your goodies into a plastic bag and send you on your happy little way. So, for this reason, I have a boat-load of plastic bags at home that I use for my lunches and baggies for poop-covered clothes that may happen during outings with Carter. I'm really looking into getting re-usable shopping bags and I can't make my mind up. I've really done a lot of research on this (yes, there is research that comes with buying shopping bags!!!) and Envirosax seem to be the best. They have wide straps and a very wide mouth so I can stuff it with as much crap as I can to inevitably squish my bread as much as I can (seriously, I can't buy bread without 1/2 of it being a smooshed casualty!) I need your help choosing the pattern, flora or botannica.



I'm realllllly leaning towards the botannica, but the Flora is sold on Amazon with free shipping. I'm thinking I'm going green on this one.... as in saving some green and getting the free shipping. What do you think? (extra addition side note!! Price differences are no longer an issue!! I found a great price on all the patterns so help me choose if you can!)

Extra Addition!!!!!
Ok, after researching a little more (don't laugh!) I found this pattern!!!!! I think I might be suckered in with the polka-dots!!!


hisgirlcridey said...

I'm getting my bags from

You can get three really pretty purple bags for your regular groceries and two big black insulated bags for your cold stuff...all for 10 dollars! Just thought I'd share.

saraiwithani said...

I LOVE the Eco designs! Go with that one! Yay for going green!

catie said...

LOVE THE BOTANNICIA. do it. they are great. i want some too. :)

Kate said...

I personally love the flora, but the eco is so you! Now go out there and get green! :)