Friday, April 3, 2009

Yipppppeeee Skipppeeee!!!

Great news!!!! We got a great offer on the house and we will be closing May 18th!!!!! I can't believe it's actually happening!! I'm so excited, but I'm so sad! I am just so happy someone loves our house as much as we do. Lord knows we would probably live there forever if we could because it's so perfect and beautiful, but there are other plans for us and hopefully things will move quickly and with no hick-ups. I have no idea where I'm going to live if my job offer doesn't come through by the time we sign papers. I guess I'll have to rent a place here for a month or two.
To clue you in on the job stuff...... I am transferring to another branch within my agency down east. It takes FOREVER for the state to approve jobs, so I'm just waiting on the budget department to say that they have the funds for me to transfer. But, I was offered the job back in March and accepted immediately. Our agency has been known to take 2-6 months to get someone in a position and I'm really hoping it doesn't take long.
But, anyway..... YAY FOR GREAT NEWS ON THE HOUSE!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Kristen Ingle said...

Congratulations!! Im glad you were able to get a great offer on your house. I know its hard to leave your first home but at least you are one step closer to being a complete family again:) I hope all is going well. I miss you very much and hope to see you soon.

saraiwithani said...

I am so happy for you guys! I know this has been a huge struggle for you for so long and to see it all coming together is amazing!

Holly said...

Very glad :)

Let me know when you are this way. We'll probably end up living 15 minutes apart from each other!

catie said...

HOOORAY! So thrilled! love you guys!