Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend rewind

This past weekend was so lovely. So nice. So short. My parents came up with Phillip and helped watch the baby while we packed up the house and did all the other necessary evils that come with getting a house ready to move-out. We had beautiful weather and such a great time. I will truly miss my little home. I feel like it's a vacation get-away for my family. I physically see the stress melt off my parents and my other relatives when they come to stay with us. I'm thinking it's our great porch outside or maybe even the beautiful orange paint. Yup, it's the paint. No, even better, it's the hostess. Heh heh! We didn't get much packed but it's ok because we enjoyed laughing and being a family. My parents are great and always do so much for my sister and I. I couldn't ask for a better set of parents.
I'm starting to tear up so I'm moving on......

Phillip and I got a place to live down east in Whitsett. The official move in date is May 1st. So, we'll be packing our stuff here and sending it down as soon as we can. I'm not really sure when we'll actually be living there. Definitely by our closing date, which has been moved to May 22nd. Our place has a lease of 4 months because we're hoping to find another house by then. I'm looking forward to apartment living again, but only for the pool! I can't wait to get Carter baby in that pool! I still haven't gotten word from the state that they've accepted the paperwork on my job, so just keep praying for us please!
We're headed home this weekend for my best friend's little boy's 1st birthday. I can't wait to see them! Little Parker has grown so much and I can't wait to celebrate Monica's special anniversary with her.
Carter was in his hi-chair for the first time last night. Holy cow that thing swallowed him!! He's been eating in his Bumbo with the tray until he mastered sitting up well. My little guy is growing too fast. He's holding a bottle by himself and I swear he's saying "momma" when he gets upset. It's soooo clear! I love it! Here are the pics from last night. Lil blue-eyed man was enjoying some peas for dinner and loves to wear it!