Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy bee

I've been making it a priority lately to have some time to myself and have been making to sit down at my sewing machine and finish products that have been brewing in my head. I've been so inspired by other blogs that I follow and have gotten some great ideas. Here's only just a few I've finished. Oh, by the way, Blogger is not cooperating with me today and keeps rotating the pictures that I'm uploading, so just tilt your pretty little head to the side to see what the heck I've posted :)

I haven't made anything for Carter.... anything. I'm constantly in the process of making other people things, but I've never made him anything. I feel horrible, so I'm trying to catch up. He's been like Linus of the "Peanuts" cartoon lately and has been really attached to his blanket. So, here's his simple little fleece blanket those I've started with.
I'm totally in love with his knit Elmo hat and gloves that I found at the big consignment sale they have here, but I wanted more and I wanted to give a try at making a hat and gloves. I ran across this vest at the Dollar Tree (who knew they carried this kinda stuff???) and decided to whip up a little something from it.

We caught him in mid-laugh!! Looove those cheeks!

That didn't last long.... "Get this thing off!!"
Ok...I'll just eat them...

Carter is loooving our Christmas tree a little too much. I've been really debating about putting ornaments on it, but I've spent so much time making ornaments this year that it's kind of a waste to not use them.

I could just eat up that little belly! It's funny to watch him catch a glimpse of his belly, look down at it, rub it, and think "Hey, what's that poking out down there?"

More to come of my ornaments (once they get finished) and some of the baby projects for the friends that had a baby in November!