Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas before Thanksgiving should be illegal

So, in my opinion, Christmas parade's before Thanksgiving should truly be illegal. It sends my stress into over-drive and Lord knows I need to do that!~

These are some pics of our adventure to my first Christmas parade in Burlington. It was incredibly long and we were there for almost 3 hours..... very tiring for us and our little man. We busted out the hiking backpack that is for kids and it was awesome. Carter lovvvved being able to have access to momma's hair and sunglasses as much as he wanted.

My sister-in-law Melissa, my nephew Jacob, and my brother-in-law Brian

These little knit Elmo hat and gloves are my very favorite! Soooo cute!

Who can resist that face!

Sleepy boy on my back

I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit now! I've been busy making ornaments for the tree and decorating the house. Definitely not scrooge-a-fied now! :)