Friday, March 19, 2010

Green boots

My parents have been joking with me about putting Carter in his green boots and saying that I'm a crazy woman for doing it, but I have to share with you how cute he is in his boots!  Obviously, the outfit he came home from daycare in on St. Patty's Day did not accentuate his cuteness at all!!  So, here ya go!  Here's my sweet boy!

And here's a few extra to show you his new favorite activity.  I have a stack of books in my car for him to read whenever he's riding with us and he looooooves it!!  I got a few cute pics of him the other day when we were stopped a stop sign.  I could just eat this boy up!!  OOOOH!!!  You can also see how crazy his hair was before we cut it!
This is his FAVORITE book too.  It's a Sesame Street book called "Bubbles Bubbles" and Carter is in love with it.  He calls Elmo "MoMo" and says "bubbles" and "pop" over and over again!