Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Madness

It's been about a month since I last blogged. I'm kinda loosing my "umph" for my blog. I made it mostly for my friends and family when I was pregnant, hoping they could keep up with mine and Carter's progress during that time, and it eventually just became a place where I could share my ideas and crafts that I found online and tried myself.  I feel swamped lately with work and keeping Carter entertained because he is learning so much. I really don't have time to do all the baking and sewing and crafting that I originally had grand dreams of. I'm really not sure if anyone reads this dang thing anymore.
Anyway, if you do, here's a little catch up (only a month late!) I wanted to do a little more than paper valentine's for Carter's class so I tried my hand at cookie cutters and royal icing. First of all, when looking for recipes to use for cookies that will be shaped, look specifically for cookie-cutter recipes. The one I used was FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC, but it certainly was not meant for being cut and shaped. So, the beautiful hearts that Carter and I cut out ended up looking like huge blobs..... tasty huge blobs of course. This was the first time that I got Carter involved in cooking. Usually I give him a bowl, spoon, pan, or what ever else I'm using to mimic me in the kitchen. This time, I let him stir the batter and cut out the shapes of the cookies. HE LOOOOVED IT!! My little man is definitely a fan of mommy's when she's cooking! I covered my work area in powdered sugar so my cookies wouldn't stick and he would not stop putting his face in it and licking it up! At one point his whole face was covered and he just smiled, and smiled! I wish I had more pictures of it, but I had to force Phillip to take pictures of us when we were almost done so I didn't get many. That poor kid isn't going to have any pictures of him and his momma when he grows up! Only his daddy! (**insert Bitter Betty here**)

My royal icing looks like a vat of Pepto Bismol!

yes, I'm aware of the ridiculous pile of dirty dishes behind me in my PUTRID/UGLY kitchen. I'll take a pass on this one because it was Valentines' Day and I was busy making these cookies, and a ridiculously messy and intense recipe for this:

Chicken Tetrazzini (I'll post the recipe and back story later... it's actually quite funny)

As I said before, the cookies were soooo yummy, but they turned out as blobs, so I had to get the cookie cutter out again and just cut out the shapes from the middle of the blobs. After they cooled I attempted royal icing. Some of it was pretty, others not so much. I put the initials of each child on their cookie and attached their Valentine to the back.

My friend Kristen and I hosted a baby shower for my long time friend from high school, Jaime. She is due in 2 weeks. She looks absolutely stunning and I wish I looked that great during my pregnancy! We had it at the Cheesecake Factory and boy that is always fantastic! I couldn't go all out on the decorations like I wanted to, but I still got a little bit in. I decorated the tables with tea lights, white flowers, a teddy bear, and a pair of blue gingham baby-booties that I made for Mr. Mason. I didn't get a picture of them before I gave them to her, but these will have to do.

Some of our guests. The guest of honor is Jaime, she's in the black. Also adorable and pregnant is Kristen, in the green sweater. We are all good friends from high school, and I'm so lucky we all keep in touch.

See that cutie in the red t-shirt? That is Mr. Mason's sweet older brother, Chase. He's adorable and will make such a good big brother! Oh!! Also, in front of him are the blue baby booties I made.

Everyone full on lunch, cheesecake, done with presents, and cleaning off the table

Good friends! (Left to right: Kelly, Jaime, Kristen, and me)

We make cute kids!


The girls

Oh, this picture is a little random, but it made me laugh. Carter has a new habit of playing in his ball pit  the "Let's Give Mommy a Heart Attack Way"  THE WROOOONG WAY. He'll put his hands on the top, and then throw his body foward, while standing in the pit. So, he goes down face first, still holding on, and the pit comes down too, throwing the balls everywhere! He pushes it back up, then does it all over again. Crazy baby! I had enough of the panic attacks, so I put the pit away for a couple of weeks hoping he would forget his new habit (yeah right, what was I thinking??). I brought it back out, with the balls in a trash bag. I was folding laundry one day and heard the sound of balls hitting the front hall, and then I found this.

He still sat down in the middle of them and threw them everywhere like he was in his pit!

We also had some crazy weather this month and I'll post pictures of that another time. Hope you are all doing well, and I appreciate you checking in on us if you are. See you soon.


catie said...

Just so you know... I still totally read this thing. :) And I LOVED the updates. I miss your face. And the little man! WOW is he growing up!!!! HUGS.