Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day & a haircut

Little man is 17 months this month.  He had not had a hair cut yet, and he was growing quite the gnarly rat tail, crazy triangle bangs, and long shabbys over his ears.  But, on the bright side, he was getting the cuuuutest curls!  That boy is genetically allllllll my husband's side of the family, so I smile that he got my blond hair, and was really loving that he has my curls.  But, at last, it was time for a hair cut.  I really wanted to go to "Peak-A-Doo" in Durham to get it cut, but just could not bring myself to spend that much money when we have a pair of clippers here.  It actually turned out fantastic.  Phillip was so proud of himself for doing such a good job, and the fact that he got to do Carters "1st haircut" made him crazy excited too.  All he could talk about the rest of the night was that haircut.  It was quite cute!  Here are the before pictures.  It's the most recent ones I have of him and they aren't meant to be "hair shots" but it's the best I have.  I was really just trying to capture how cute he was just running around in his diaper and long socks :)

Tell me these boys don't have matching head shapes!!!... I dare ya! ;)

The finished product and a happy daddy!

Now, he's soooo over being strapped to a chair!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and I was planning on actually being a good wife and putting my previous experiences with Phillip's favorite meal, corned beef and cabbage, and trying it again.  But, thank the Lord, his mother decided to make it for him!  Wheeeew!~  So, instead, we did sort of an Italian take on an Irish day.  Wednesdays are "Sketti-Wednesday" nights, and I can't break that tradition because it throws my ENTIRE week off.  So, I present to you Irish-Italian Dinner:

"AKA- Green Spaghetti and Sauce"

 I'll admit, it looked kinda creepy, especially once the sauce got mixed in, but it was very fun and something I will keep in mind for the future when we're really digging into teaching colors.  All I did was throw in a little food dye with the noodles while they were boiling!  Easy Peasy!
Little Man certainly didn't seem to mind it!

I'm always up for doing a theme for anything for any type of holiday, so the dinner was fun, and so was dressing Carter in all green yesterday.  He was adorable with his green shirt, jeans, and green patent-leather boots I found him at Walmart.  I know, they sound absolutely hideous, but they are sooooo fun, and ADDOOOOORABLE!!  He looked so cute when I dropped him off!  My little Irish-man!  (*insert gushing momma here!**)  So, I went to pick him up and noticed that some kid was running around in the hallway with a teacher with the most crackhead outfit on.  I kept moving on my merry way thinking "Geez, poor kid!" until that kid turned around, yelled "momma!" at me and then came running towards me.  That poor kid was mine!  Oh Mercy!  I usually end up sending sets of clothes to the daycare for backups when Carter has an accident.  They obviously did not see that they were matching sets, b/c my kid was wearing his brown Christmas shirt that says "Not an Elf", some baby-blue and white striped pants, and his crazy green boots.  It was quite the site to behold.  I had grand plans on taking him to the park to play after daycare as a surprise, but I just couldn't bring myself to take him in public.  I just knew I would get "looks" from all the momma's.... "what was she thinking!!...... That poor baby!" So, instead, we went home, and we played on the back deck.  We can prop it open and close the gate to the stairs down to the yard, and I can watch him while I'm cooking.  This works out pretty well for us, and it gives Carter a chance to be a wild-man.  Here are some pics of him outside in his outfit:

Absolutely Crazzzzy!

Does he not look like one of those crazy strong man lifting dumb-bells!!??  Hammer-pants and all!!

.... And no, that is no nasty used trash can he is playing in!!  He's COMPLETELY obsessed with putting stuff in our trash, so we got him one of his own so he will stop throwing our stuff away!


The Russell Family said...

I love the haircut! He is such a cutie pie!

And LOL about the "home from daycare" outfit. :)