Monday, August 11, 2008

"It's been a long time gone..."

So, it's been a while since I've had a chance to visit and update this site. Things have been crazy here. I got to have dinner with one of my high school friends, Kristen, on Friday night and it was just wonderful! She and her hubbie moved up to Boone a couple weeks ago and we got together for dinner and just talked about life, beach trips, and good times. It was so great to reconnect. I haven't really been able to see her since her son's birthday party a couple months ago and I'm so glad she closer! It really made me miss our other friend, Jaime, who lives close to D.C. now. But, hopefully we'll get to see her soon. Then, the next day, my friend Kristi, and her husband, Matt, came up and stayed with us to help her sister move into our old college for her first semester. It was just a wonderful weekend to reconnect with everyone! It was a bit stressful with all the things we had to do around the house, especially since it has to hold us over until Phillip's family gets here this week to stay for a while, but it was worth it. I also got to see my other friend who I asked for prayer requests on. She's been in the hospital for about two weeks now, and was finally released on Saturday. Looks like prayers were heard and she's feeling better. She's still having to take it easy and not work for the next month or two, but the prayers are still going up for her and her family to be able to make it through those months with no complications.
I didn't get to tell you about my previous weekend. The story about the Chinese restaurant is a bit long, so I'll tell you about our photo shoot instead. My friend, Nishelle, got an awesome new camera and is trying to get into photography a little more, so she asked me if she could take some maternity shots. I'm was allllll for it b/c I really wanted some shots of the belly, but just can't find the money to shell out a crazy butt-load of cash for pics, when I really want to focus that money on the baby and shots of him when he gets here. She got some really great shots of Phillip and I, and some great shots of the belly too. I can't wait to be able to share them with you, but she's holding off on sending them to me b/c she wants to surprise me with them. See you tomorrow!


Kev and Stef said...

I know i asked you this before but what's you email? I can tell you where we are and clue you in as to what we are doing over the email. On our blog it should be kev's email so if it is there email him you address.