Friday, August 29, 2008

yesterday vs. today

So, yesterday was a good day. I got to see Katie (my friend in the prego business who is due a couple days after me) and have a wonderful lunch with her that just made my day. I miss seeing her at work and it's always fantastic to catch up with her and hear about the craziness in her life. I had a big audit at work, which pretty much had my panties in a bunch all day because of stress. My audit went really really well and I am really starting to realize how much I like my boss. She's been really cool about certain things/drama that has been going on at work and I really feel like she's listening to us when we tell her about crazy crap that's going on. I still question her on some stuff, but over all, I'm really starting to like her and feel like I can cut up with her. Then, last night, Phillip and I went and had a BBQ dinner in Waynesville, which was followed up by ice cream at Jack the Dippers (I loooooove this place!) It was a great day.

Let's move on to this morning..... Phillip asked me to take the first shower this morning instead of him (which is the usual routine so I really shouldn't complain), and getting up early always makes me feel rotten. Then, I realize how much I've been craving a good donut since I've been reading Martha Stewart's daughter's blog and how she's been making amazing ones. There is no where around here that is a bakery to sell good donuts, so I go to the local supermarket and get their crappy ones just to soothe my soul. As I'm checking out, this older lady check out person asks me when I'm due. I tell her October. She asks what I'm having. I say a boy. The conversation proceeds as follows: (keep in mind this is 8:00 in the morning and I've already started my day off bad and don't want to go to work or in public at all) :
Beast- "Are you sure you're having a boy?"
Me- "Yup, he hasn't been shy in letting us know!"
Beast- "How many ultra sounds have you had to double check?"
Me- "We've seen him 3 times"
Beast- (as she eye-balls me up and down with her brow furrowed and frown on her face )
"I don't know. You're pretty huge and are carrying like I did when I had my daughter. Yeah, you're pretty big!"
Me- .... speechless with jaw on floor......
Beast- "Yeah, my son was all in my back and you don't look like I did when I was pregnant with him. You're definitely carrying like me when I had a girl."
Me-..... jaw still on the floor.....
Beast- "Yeah, you're really big"
Me- "..... uh, uh, uh......Well, it's my first, and I'm carrying him really high, so that's why I look so big you bi'atch" (ok, maybe not the bi'atch part) .... Then I start to gather my donuts feeling bad already for buying them and then being told that I'm an elephant, and walk away.....
Beast- (as she follows me with her eyes oh-so-obviously) "Oh, yeah, you're big in the back end too!!! It just might be a boy!"
Me- "Yeah, well, maybe back in 1927 when you had your son you might not have looked like this, but this is 2008 lady and I'm carrying a boy really high and I'm gonna go to my office and remorse in my donuts because you are a rude bi'atch! I hope you scan your retina with that laser there and go blind!!!!"..... as I walk away with my pride in tact.....

... I only wish I could've said that to her.... stupid beast..... I do hope you scan your retina!! Remind me next time I go to just stick with the U-scan line so I don't have to put up with anyone else's crap.