Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What do you mean the weekend is over?

I had such a great weekend. I pretty much did whatever I wanted, which was pretty much nothing. It was fantastic! I really felt like crap all weekend with a somewhat flu-like feeling, so I didn't push doing all the stuff I really wanted to do. My ankles have gone down in the swelling b/c I sat and read a book, magazine, or watched tv all day on Saturday, which also helped make my cold feel much better. I really needed a day to do nothing because we've been traveling sooooo much. It really helped my ankles and they don't look like footballs anymore. My co-worker actually stopped me today and said "Wow! I can see the bones in your feet! Congratulations!" Awesome! :) I'm excited to return back to normal (somewhat~). Sunday was my day for shopping! I was REALLY discouraged at first. The closest place for shopping is 45 minutes away in Asheville, so when you go, you're pretty much there for an all-day trip. I was pumped and ready to go. I had shopped Old Navy's maternity stuff on-line and found all these cute little shirts and pants that I wanted, but quickly remembered once I got to the store that they have a really lousy maternity section, really it's only one wall. They didn't have anything in the store that I saw on-line and wanted, so I left there with a broken heart. Then I went to Target and had to deal with the crazy dressing-room nazi that's always there. I found 2 shirts for the fall, and bought two pairs of shoes for the fall. They are super cute, but it sucks b/c I had to go up a size since my feet have been swelling, and have grown a size (YIKES!!) since getting pregnant. They are similar, but I know how hard it is for me to find shoes that look good in my size and that I actually love. The gold are a little gawdy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You gotta have a little something tacky in your life to make you smile!
I was very disappointed with my selection of clothes to choose from so I frumped my tail end over to the nearest mall, hit 2 largely known department stores, couldn't find a maternity section, then went to Baby Gap for the maternity clothes, decided I could do better, and then frumped myself over to JcPenny's with despair in my heart. Then, upon my amazement, I found a maternity section!!!! And get this.... everything was on sale for 40% off!! I was in wonderland! Too bad there section wasn't any bigger, cause I really could have done some damage! I found a bunch of jeans, which was my main goal for shopping b/c the only ones I have aren't maternity and strangle the ever-loving life out of me b/c they don't flex or have stretchy bands. Only one pair of jeans fit me out of the 15 pair I tried on there. No complaints though. These pants are h-o-t hot! They fit me better than any pair of pants I've had in my life! I gotta say, my booty looks better than ever in them! Whoo hoo hot momma! Even better was that they were on sale for $20~! CHA-CHING!! Bring it on home lady! I found two shirts, and two pairs of dress pants (which are also hot momma pants). I felt very confident in myself and my shopping abilities after I left there. I actually felt like I looked good for the first time in my pregnancy. That's been missing for quite a while (even though hubbie does a good job of trying!) So, then, I went to the last place I really wanted to go.... Motherhood Maternity. Everyone shops there, and everyone has the same thing, it's over priced, and all their stuff looks the same. I got over it quickly when I found an adorable pink (my trade mark color!) shirt and cute brown shirt that quite frankly looks fantastic on me! I'm gonna wear my pink shirt to my shower this coming weekend when I see my friends AND IT'S GONNA BE GREAT! I'm excited about this week. Why you ask: I had a great weekend, I feel beautiful, I get to see great people this weekend, and I only have 3 more days to work this week. Plus, I'm getting my hair cut today, and start my Lamaze classes today. I'm super pumped about it all! The only down side is that I wont be able to see my 2 wonderful friends from high-school that were planning to come up this weekend. One of them really needs some prayers this week for her strength, her son's strength, and the strength of her family. I'm thinking of you 2 lovies and I miss you more than I can explain! It makes me jazzed to know that you're planning on coming up before the baby is born, though! Thanks everyone for checking in on me! I love you all!