Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My little Dino

So, it's really hard to find cute outfits for boys compared to the cute outfits that girls have. Fortunately, Gymboree has lifted my spirits! This is the outfit that I bought for little man's first pictures. I think it's sooooo cute!

Is that not stinking adorable!!! I can't wait to put him in his cute little hat and dinosaur socks!!!

Also, I ordered the changing table today!!

It pretty much puts the finishing touches on the furniture that we really need in the nursery. It's so exciting that's it's so close! Only 5 more weeks! I can't wait for the table to come in so we can have everything completely finished and ready to roll. We took down the bed in the nursery this past weekend and it really made everything real. Can't wait to put pictures up once we get everything together! Have a great Tuesday!