Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crackhead alert

I was looking through the pictures of New York Fashion Week b/c I'm totally obsessed with fashion (even though you'd never know it!!). It cracks me up to see some of the stuff these designers come up with! My favorite has got to be Betsey Johnson. She's so out there. The way designers style their models has just gotten outrageous and cracks me up! Check this out, you think I could show up to work like this?? Granted, the kids I work with would probably LOVE it, but not so much for the parents:

This is a shot of me and the only male in our office, who happens to be our Occupational Therapist, staffing a home visit we came from. All I'm missing is my bag of booty and a parrot on my shoulder.

This one's my personal favorite. Quite frankly, I think it's an ode to Sully off of Monster's Inc and my kids would just die if came in like that!
Adios peeps!! Have a great day!