Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Summa' Summa' Summa' time!!"

Everyone always commented on how being pregnant in the summer is gonna be hell. I said "No, it wont be too bad, I'll just have to grin and bare it." Now, I say screw it. It's hot as haitis here kids. My job keeps me on the road, back and forth, to my clients homes, all day, or in the office doing paperwork. Unfortuantely, the air conditioning in the state vehicles we drive is not exactly reliable, or quick to function properly. Also, unfortunately, my client's homes don't always have air conditioning and I usually end up hyper-ventilating until I finish my appointments and can go outside for fresh humid air. So, this brings us to my office. Keep in mind, I work for the state. Last year, when the heat got over 100 they put regulations on our air conditioning saying that we couldn't move it past 78 degrees. This time around, the air just isn't working.... AT ALL!! My office looks like the most dismal black hole you could come across. All my lights are off. My blinds shut and turned down. My little fan is blasting. My chair is covered in home-made back supports that the occupation therapist has SO KINDLY made me and is letting me try out until we can permanently jerry-rig whichever designs work. Files are spilled everywhere because it's too dang hot to actually work. Then, there's this fat, sweaty, puffy footed girl sitting in her jerry-rigged chair about to fall out from the heat. It's unbareable. I don't know what I would do if I were in the old days when women wore long, thick, wool dresses. Holy Hannah, I'd probably kill myself. Note to self- If you ever design to do this baby thing again, shoot for the cold months!! I was going to post pics from my great weekend and the fantastic ribs I made, but it'll have to wait. I can barely hold my sweaty head up right now and I still have 3 home visits and physical therapy left to go. Then, I'm going home to my house to sit in the air conditioning that is not working properly because I have it turned down so low that it constantly freezes up. ppfffffffff...... I should really stop complaining. I just realized how much of a brat I sound like. Do me a favor friends, go swig a large glass of sweet tea or a sangria for me!