Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you for everyone's thoughts and prayers. Phillip and I are back in the mountains now, but will be leaving Friday to head back to Durham/Burlington to be with family. The funeral for his dad was beautiful. It was very hard and will be even harder with these days to come, but I really appreciate all the sweet comments everyone has left. It was wonderful seeing family while we were home and helped ease the pain of all the current events.
Paisley turned one on Monday and proved to us how much of a big girl she is by walking ~10 steps by herself before she fell. She's growing up so fast! We head home tomorrow for her birthday party and for my side of the family's baby-shower. I will post pictures of her 2 birthday cakes as soon as I can. I'm gonna be a very busy girl this weekend trying to get those done!! Take care and have a great weekend!