Thursday, March 13, 2008

Looks evil, tastes delicious!

Why is it that stuff that looks horrifying is delicious? This was the case with dinner last night. One of my favorite things in the whole world is taco night, especially because of refried beans. (I'm a plain Jane kind of girl and usually eat only cheese with my taco and beans, so don't make fun of how bland it looks) In the case of the refried bean... how could anyone eat these. They smell disgusting coming out of the can, they look awful, but they are so delicious!

What is another food I love, you ask? That would have to be Sweet Sixteen Donuts by Hostess. They are amazing. There is no other powdered donut like this. And of course, since I love them so much, they aren't sold anywhere close to the city I live in. No one knows why, and no one has noticed until I brought it up to some friends how much Phillip and I scour the country for them. Now, it's inevitable that whenever our friends go to the store, they find themselves looking for these donuts... but can never find them! So, needless to say, when we go home, my mom always picks some up for us. Gotta love a sweet momma! These below are from a friend who found some at a store close to his parent's home. He was kind enough to bring some back and I have been hording them in my desk since I got them. Another thing to be on the look out for.... Hershey's Mint Bars. These bars and the white chocolate bars are my favorite creation from Hershey's. They aren't sold anymore, but my friends insist that they are, so... inevitably, they are also on the prowl for these bars. If you see them please let me know where!
I made mommy's banging butter cream mints last night for Monica's shower that's this weekend. I'm super psyched about them. They are SO good!
Hints for the recipe: *The mix takes a while to turn from powder to a thick consistency- be patient *Make these in a large mixer if you have one, the mix gets very tough to turn *Add only a few drops of food coloring at a time (making sure to mix it fully after each test) or you'll get one ugly concoction *Taste your mints before rolling them to make sure you have the minty taste you want *If your mix is warm you will need to refrigerate it so it doesn't turn to mush while rolling *I halved this recipe and still got a crap load of mints out of them.

Mommy's Banging Butter Cream Mints
4 lb. powdered sugar sifted
1 8-ounce bar cream cheese softened
2 1/2 sticks real butter at room temp
8-10 drops of mint flavoring
Tad of food coloring of choice (or you can leave this off and they just come out a nice ivory color.
After everything is mixed and the color is what you want (or no color), roll the dough into "snakes" and cut them. Usually kind of on the small side - a little less than the size of half a large marshmallow.

I made mine small (about the size of miniature marshmallows)

My blue beauties