Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank you Lord! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!

Thank you Jesus! I'm soooo glad it's Friday. I'm about to loose my mind. I'm so excited about this weekend. We (as in myself and Chae) are throwing a dinner party in honor of Monica and her husband, Andrew, and their expected baby. It's not really a shower, it's more of a grown up dinner to for all of us to show our support and appreciation. I'm looking forward to it. I made the spinach/artichoke dip last night and froze it so it would be prepared to travel. I'm excited about how everything is going to turn out. I hope they love it.
So, Phillip hasn't been able to scan a pic of the baby, so I'm decided to take a picture of the picture and post it that way. This is the pic in my office (sorry about the reflections in the picture frame). Enjoy and have a safe and fantastic weekend! I'll be back on Monday to post my yummy recipes of the dip and my famous grape salad.

Our little Bambino!!!!

closer look