Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hi friends! Sorry I've been gone for so long! I've been sooo busy trying to recover from my weekend in Winston-Salem, and catching up with the craziness at work. Monica's shower was WONDERFUL! I can't believe how well Chae and I worked together. I was so honored to be able to help out MoMo, her hubbie, and the baby. We had sooo much food! Here's the menu run-down: sandwhich tray, sweet peppers, carrots, celery, dips, shrimp cocktail, grape salad, wings, fresh yeast rolls, spinach/artichoke dip served with bagel chips, brie cups, cheese cake squares, orange/pineapple cake, white cheddar cheese, and citrus/berry punch! It was really great! Our honorary dinner was extremely delicious and I don't think anyone went home hungry~ It wasn't the typical sit down dinner, more like an array of all sorts of goodness :) I also have to say that Chae and I have only met several times when we were bridesmaids for MoMo, and some of her other showers and birthdays. I just love her though! An absolutely sweet family and a great example for what a sweet and loving young couple with children should be. And, can I mention how ADORABLE her son is! Sheesh! I wanted to smuggle him in my car and bring him back to the mountains! I'm posting pictures of everything and I will be adding recipes when I get back to work on Monday (I promise!)

For now, I'm at my parents house for the weekend, visiting for Easter. We are going to have an Easter Egg hunt for Cheeks McGee. She's too young to really enjoy it, but we're doing it anyway~ Gotta love family traditions!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful party. All the food and decorations were perfect. It means a lot to me, Andrew, and the little one. And thanks for the beautiful blanket, it's adoreable! We love you!!!