Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Dreams

I've been dreaming some pretty crazy stuff since getting preggers. I've dreamed a lot about other people being pregnant and their babies. For example I dreamed my mother was having a baby and I'm the one to deliver it and it comes out a 12 year old child- freaky right?!!~ Well, this weekend, I dreamed about our little one. It was incredibly vivid and real. It was oh-so-very-tiny and very pink. Phillip was holding it and cooing at it, and for some reason, it was still in-utero. Then, I look closer at the baby and it has a pig nose. Not just any pig nose, a looooong, pointing towards the sky, pig nose. It scared the bi-gezus out of me. Very, very weird. Oh, and it was a boy. So, now, I'm totally convinced we're having a boy. Any crazy dreams for you mommas out there while you were pregnant? Please help me feel better about myself and my pink, pig nosed child.