Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great blog

I ran across this post at one of my favorite sites to visit. It's great. It sums up a lot of feelings for me lately and made those feelings feel valid.

What Not to Say When You're Co-Worker is Pregnant

J0427701 Last year I worked with several women who were pregnant. It was fun to attend baby showers and marvel at the latest baby gear on the market since my birthin' babies days are over. It wasn't that long ago (seven years this fall) that I announced my own pregnancy to my boss and then to my office. The real kicker, besides my growing baby girl, was that I'd only been at my company five months when I got pregnant and not many people knew me very well.

I'm all for small talk around the water cooler, but some people seem to crank up the awkwardness when it comes to addressing pregnant women at work.

Here are some of the more awkward comments/questions I received from co-workers while I was pregnant with my first daughter:

"Are you happy?"

"Were you trying?"

"Are you married?"

"Oh, you think you're feet are swollen now, wait until June!"

Obviously I would advise the best route to take when someone you don't know very well announces their pregnancy at work or elsewhere is keeping remarks limited to a simple, "Congratulations!" Another safe question is, "When is your baby due?" Generally any well-meaning comments concerning the details of baby making and the mother's increasing girth are off limits. Everyone has their own internal TMI meter, and while some people are more than happy to fill you in on the state of their cervix, others would rather keep those anatomical details to themselves. Now that I'm a mother, I'll admit that pregnancy talk doesn't bother me at all, but I remember being single and in my 20s and absolutely being freaked out by a co-worker who was telling her labor and delivery story at the office. I believe the exact words that sent me over the edge were "mucous plug."

On that note, here are some recent belly pics (excuse the hideousness, it was not a good day):

13 weeks


hisgirlcridey said...

How cute! Your boobs are super perky, too. Rock that push up bra;) You look fab.