Friday, April 18, 2008


So, yesterday I was in another all-day training. This one was great, unlike the Autism Conference I went to a couple weeks ago that just about put me in a coma it was so boring. This one was a Pediatric Neo-Natal conference. I went to sessions on Sickle Cell Anemia, Post Late-Term babies, Hispanic cultures in our field, Child Abuse (which was my favorite since I just got out of this field), and Body Piercing and Tattoos. "Body Piercing and Tattoos? What does that have to do with Neo-Natal anything?" you are thinking to yourself. I agree. I really had nothing to do with it but the presenter was GREAT!!~ He was a tall and broad man with a long white beard down to his waist, looking very much like Santa Clause. He entered the auditorium in full bag piping gear, playing Amazing Grace. It was awesome!!~ Evidently he is a pediatrician in the Brevard area who often presents on different topics and people love him for his humor. Well, what does bag piping have to do with tattoos and piercing?... i didn't know either! He had no piercings, no tattoos, and no experience or expertise with either subject. Kind of a weird correlation, but evidently, in Ireland bag piping is called tattooing. Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch. I think he just wanted to impress the auditorium full of ladies in his kilt ;) Anyway, the presentation was great and it woke us up after a day chocked full of some potential mindless lessons. I took a video of his performance on my phone, but I have no idea how to get it to my computer.
Anyway, not much going on this weekend. I'm actually going to be home, and I don't know what to do with myself. I really want to go down east to see Monica. She was due to have the baby yesterday. I would love to go home this weekend in hopes that she goes into labor and I would get to see the baby. But, nope, we have to stay at home and conserve as much money as we can. I would love to be able to plant some flowers this weekend, and re-pot some old ones, but it's going to be nasty weather this weekend. Oh well!~ Good luck Monica~! I'm praying for you and your little family-to-be!