Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great news!!

So, I'm not sure if I've ever posted here about my nephew before. My neice... no question... she's on here. But my nephew... I don't know?? Well, Phillip's brother, Brian, and his wife, Melissa, are adopting a little boy from Vietnam. They've been on a waiting list for 3 years now, and around summer of last year they were told that two little boys had been abandoned. One of them was a newborn and the adoption agency was asking if B and M were interested, and OF COURSE THEY WERE!! :) They were told that baby Jacob was probably expected to be ready for adoption around Thanksgiving. Then, they were told Christmas. We all bought presents for him, got the tree ready for him, and everything. Christmas came and went. My mother in-law left her tree up through February thinking that he would be able to come home. No such luck (by the way, this is her first and only grandchild to think of at this point). The agency tells B and M that it looks like the USA has not signed off an papers and that Jacob could have come HOME several months ago, but his paperwork had not been touched and was just going to the bottom of a big huge stack. Well, I think it was about February, the paperwork was signed. All was good and looking hopeful. M has all these wonderful baby showers thrown by her friends and she gets their sweet little nursery all ready and set, and remodel parts of their house in anticipation for his arrival. Then, they get a call from the agency saying that they probably would not be able to get Jacob. Looks like the US did something to tick off Vietnam and Vietnam tells them that there will be absolutely no adoptions by the US. The US gets extremely mad and about a months passes by. The agency tells them that it's looking really slim that baby Jacob is coming home. B and M are DEVASTATED. They are already claiming this boy as their son, and it's recognized "officially" by Vietnam that he is their child... but they just can never go and get them. So, the US decides they are going to Vietnam to find out what's the hold up and why are these children being held w/o being able to go home with their adopted families. Vietnam gets upset that the US storms their adoption agencies and such and says ABSOLUTELY NO MORE RELATIONS WITH THE USA. So, this means no Jacob. Needless to say we are all crushed. Then, about a week later, B and M get an email at 8:00 in the morning saying that they have been approved to pick up Jacob. They have had suitcases and travel stuff packed since they've learned of Jacob, just in case they had to make a quick exit to Vietnam, so needless to say they were ready to go. But, they couldn't leave until Friday because there were no flights. B and M have been in Vietnam all week last week. It's been a struggle since all of the kids at the orphanage have scabies and they've had to treat themselves for it as well. The pictures they have sent of him are adorable. Little boys are required to wear hats out in public at all times and they've found some of the cutest stuff for him. He went right to them and has been great (as great as a toddler can be) with them. They traveled to Hanoi for part of their trip home last Thursday, Monday they leave for Tokyo, then to Chicago, which is where they were last night. Looks like they will be rolling into RDU here in North Carolina tonight!!!!!! Welcome home baby Jacob!! Everyone please pray for our sweet little Vietnamese blessing and his mom and dad during this last, tiresome, leg of their journey. I pray they will have no problems getting him back home. Seems like everything has gone somewhat smooth so far (*knock on wood**) . I think Phillip and I are going home this weekend to meet our nephew and I'm soooo excited! I can't wait to chooch all over those fat little cheeks of his! He's absolutely adorable! Gotta get permission from B and M to put pics up of him. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for him all along! Looks like it's all paying off :)

Now, for a delicious recipe. This is what I'm doing for dinner. I think I'm not going to do the salsa though. It doesn't sound like something that I would eat, and it would be hella expensive for Phillip to be the only one eating it~!! I'll let you know how it goes!

Pork with Watermelon Salsa

  • 1 cup seeded chopped watermelon
  • 1/2 cup chopped strawberries
  • 1/2 cup chopped kiwifruit
  • 1/4 cup chopped peaches
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice
  • 4 teaspoons honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated lime peel
  • 1 to 2 mint leaves, chopped
  • 1/2 cup peach preserves
  • 3 pork tenderloins (3/4 pound each)


Coat grill rack with cooking spray before starting. Prepare grill for indirect heat. For salsa, in a small bowl, combine the fruit, lime juice, honey, lime peel and mint; set aside. In a saucepan or microwave, heat the preserves for 1 minute.
Grill pork, covered, over indirect medium-hot heat for 15 minutes. Turn; brush with some of the preserves. Grill 10-15 minutes longer or until juices run clear and a meat thermometer reads 160°, basting occasionally with preserves. Serve with salsa. Yield: 6 servings (2 cups salsa)