Monday, May 5, 2008

Babies, babies, and more babies!!!

This past weekend was a fun filled, and baby filled weekend. I got to see Monica, her hubbie, and their new baby, Parker. Parker is the sweetest and cutest little bundle!!! I just loooooved snuggling him and smelling his sweet baby smell! Then, I went home and spent the weekend with my neice who had "Hand, foot, and mouth". That pour baby had blisters all in her mouth, on her chest, and on her hands where she had drooled and the infection caused more blisters. She wasn't infectious by the time I got to visit with her, but she was still pitiful. Then, the next day, I got to see my nephew and Phillip's side of the family his baby shower. Poor Brian, Melissa, and Jacob were just overwhelmed with all the people they had to meet and all the thing they had to do at the shower. I'm not looking forward to doing that myself for our baby showers. Eeeee-gads! Just a warning to my readers, I'm about to post a crap load of pics, and attempt to post video of Paisley crawling. She's so stinking hilarious b/c she looks like a wounded war victim when she crawls! Oh, and my diaper cake turned out FANTASTIC!!! Behold the John Deere diaper cake that has gotten me a first class ticket to hell:

WARNING: Here comes a crap load of pictures!

Now here are pics of our visit with sweet Parker:

Tired daddy!!!

He's a total natural at this stuff.... it makes me feel good :) !!!


I'm sooooo ready for my own!
Now, pics of my time with Paisley-baby:

Grandmudder and Paisley's feet

"This Cheerio WILL go in my mouth!!!"

This is a video of Paisley trying to get Gizzy's toy. She's just learning how to crawl and doesn't move one of her legs so she looks like a wounded war victim:

Last pics.... I promise!! Here are pics from Jacob's shower:
Phillip, Jacob, and Brian (P's brother)
Melissa, Jacob, Brian