Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday quicky

So, I'm just getting back to work after being off for one week and there is a lot for me to do so I have to keep this short and sweet.
The beach was FANTASTIC!!! I left early on Friday so I could make my friend's little boy's 1st birthday party and it was so great! I got to see all my good friends from home and their little babies (who are growing like stinkin' weeds!!) I miss my girls so much and it was so wonderful to see them again and talk about our little families.
Tomorrow is our ultra sound!!! And mom, my sister, and Paisley are coming up for the appointment!!! HOW EXCITING RIGHT!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYY!! I can't wait to find out what we're having!! I'm sooooo betting it's a boy! I got sooo much more excited about that prospect after this weekend when I saw my friends boys and seeing all the dads and sons fishing out on the beach together. I just know Phillip will raise a fine young man and that's all I can ask for :) I'm kinda creeped out right now though. My belly is really growing and really showing. I was putting lotion on my belly and noticed that when my tummy stretched a little it made my belly button disappear! Yup, that's right, my belly button is on the move people!! I was like, "Whhhhaaaaaat!!?" Seriously! It's not as deep anymore and is fo' sho' on the move! Creepy right?
Katie found out today she's having a little boy, I'm sooo super excited for her. She's the co-worker that is due one or two days after me. I'm thinking we're gonna have a boy who will be his best friend, and Phillip will take the two hunting and fishing!! LOL! I can just see Katie's little boy in camo..... I'm laughing so hard right now!! I don't think she'll be having any of that!! I love it! :)

I'll put up my pictures from the weekend as soon as I get my camera charged!