Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beach bum

So, I have internet here at the beach cottage.... who knew!? Things here have been fantastic!  I'm really enjoying just sitting around the house, sunning on the deck, taking ferry rides back and forth to where-ever, and indulging in shrimp (but only a few times since my intake is limited for seafood).  The weather has been amazing.  I think all beach trips should be planned for the month of May from here on out.  The wind has been a beast and it's kept the sun from beating down on us and absolutely wilting us.  Today is the first somewhat cloudy day, but the sun is still shining and is lovely.  The beach is at the end of our road (about 5 houses down) so we can wander as much as we want.  The cottage is great.  It's 4 bedrooms/2 bath.  It's got three porches on the upper level.  One porch is screened in with a cute picnic table, the other is higher with a hot tub (kinda useless for me right?) and sun chairs, and the other porch is up on the roof overlooking the neighborhood, with sun chairs as well.  The bottom of the house is the typical stilts part of the house where we park the cars.  There's also a large area to mess around in, with a shower area outside, and a swing that has become my best friend.  I miss the days of swinging on the playground.  It's so peaceful.  Anyway, the trip down here was an absolute beast.  It was about 12 hours all together.  We stopped at our family's cottage on Harkers Island and napped for about 3 hours in order to get up at 4:30 to catch the morning ferry on time.  Then, we had about 4 hours where we waited for, or rode our two ferry rides to finally get to our destination.  Needless to say, by the time we actually got down to the cottage my ankles were non-exsistent.  I've never seen my ankles swell up, and I didn't expect anything like it this early in my pregnancy.  They were blown up like the Michelin Man!!  Phillip and I have walked on the beach everyday and that has helped tremendously.  So, on our trip here we rested at Harkers Island which overlooks Cape Lookout Lighthouse, docked at Ocracoke Lighthouse, and we're on Cape Hatteras, which is the place for Hatteras Lighthouse.  It's been quite the adventure!  

Well, I'm gonna go baby my sun burn, so I gotta run.  I've done pretty well with not burning, except for the sides of my feet which got missed somehow in the sunblock rubdown.  I'm pretty lucky with my blisters compared to the sun-blister Maria got on her left knee (yes, that's right, just one leg, and on the knee, LOL!)  Take care friends!!