Thursday, May 1, 2008

Going to hell in a hand basket

I am going home this weekend for a baby shower for my new nephew, Jacob. I'm not really sure what to get him since his whole registry was purchased before they even adopted him. I think we'll probably just do a gift card and let them get what he realllly needs, but he's been with them for almost a month now, so they probably already have everything.... who knows?? Anyway, my mother-in-law was at the baby shower we threw for my sister when she was pregnant and loved the diaper cake I made for her.

She has asked me to do one for this shower. I'm not really sure what the theme is, but his side of the family is very country and love the whole hunting, fishing, manly life-style, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with a John Deere theme. My problem came when I stood in Walmart for an hour and a half trying to find John Deere toys for the top of the cake that were age appropriate for him to play with now. So, I eventually settled a pack of J.D. tractors and other J.D. vehicles (for ages, oh well, let's hope he doesn't go chewing on the wheels!) and needed to find some animals and other things to decorate the cake with. So, I walked down the road to the Dollar Store and COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME find a pack of barnyard animals there or Walmart. So, I look behind me and there is this glowing pack of figurines called "Noah's Ark". It's Noah, his wife, a few animals, and some fake food. SCORE!!~ I bought two packs, got everything home, and started assembling my cake. As I was ripping open the Noah's Ark pack and pulling out the plastic bread, corn, pumpkins, and hay, I noticed that Noah and his wife got discarded and put into the trash pile. So, seriously people, pray hard for me. I really think this is a first class ticket to hell for me.... all in the name of a diaper cake!
...(and look there is a even the all important little dove in the package that I ditched... sweet Jesus please forgive me!)

Here is the cake in the beginning parts of assembly- before I decided it was too small and added 40 more diapers.

I'll put up more pictures when I get the ribbon, John Deere stuff, and half of Noah's crew on there. Have a great weekend. Probably wont be able to post til Monday!
(...oh and P.S.... don't know if you can tell but the Food Network Challenge is on in the background showing the scene where the chef passes out and falls out in the floor during the "Surprise Proposal Cake" show...... needless to say, she didn't win... bless her heart!)