Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dirty D

A little something for my homies from the Dirty-D that I got in an email today:)

You know your from DURHAM when..

(and just because you go to DUKE it doesn't mean your a Durham native.)

-you think south point mall is better than northgate
-You're either a Duke or UNC fan..but you have weird friends that go for NC state..
-You've been to a Durham Bull's game
-you agree that the cookout has yummy milkshakes
-school gets canceled if theres even a chance of snow
-You've at least heard of the movie 'Bull Durham' and 'Welcome to Durham'
-you go to a public school..and cops work there
-apparently cosmics beats Torero's
-If you go to a public school, you've seen a fight
-you remember south square
-you know about the 'pickle' building down by southsquare
- Bojangles is beast
- people from private schools miss too much, and when they get out in the REAL Durham, they are lost. AND they are looked down upon by everyone that goes to public schools.
- wynsong theaters are gross, but you know you can get in a R rated movie underage
- You remember the CCB building downtown, before it was suntrust..
- gun shots aren't really anything new
- orange construction cones are the new state tree
- you are someone or know someone who tried to get into DSA..and failed..
- you've seen someone purchase drugs..from the corner of your block
- Durham pace cars are a joke
- you laugh at kids from raleigh/surrounding areas who can't dance
- teachers confuse any hand signals with gang signs. ex: sign language
-When the simple fact you're from durham scares the **** out of kids from Raliegh and Cary
- you've sat at the Infinity/Roxboro stoplight FOREVER
- you know the difference between North, South, East & west durham, and the places to stay out of
- you go to 9th street and see at least one person you know..including the homeless people
- when you leave town, other ask if you've ever been shot.
- you know or have heard of concrete
- you've taken a field trip to the museum of Life and Science