Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekend rewind

I had such a great weekend. I got to see my mom, dad, sister, and niece (she gets cuter by the day by the way!). They came up late Friday night and mom and dad traveled on down to Alabama to get their early, and Jamie (my sister), Paisley, and I packed up and drove down early Saturday morning. I don't know how mom did it. It's 9 hours from her house to Alabama, and 4 hours from mine. I would have crashed if I were her, especially after working a full day... sheeeesh! Anyway, we got there and had such a fantastic 90th b-day party for my papa. It was patriotic themed and we had great pictures of him when he was younger, pictures of the family, military pictures, and so on. I'm still a little worn out from the weekend, so I'm a little short on words. Here are some pictures though. OH, and to let you know, my pineapple carrot cake was a freakin' hit! Of course, there were 20 cakes at the party, so it didn't get eaten there, but everyone at work said it was fantastic! I'll post the recipe and pics later.