Friday, June 20, 2008

My lady Martha

Phillip loves to watch tv series on DVD. We've cleared several boxed sets of several different shows (**sigh**) and lately, I've been conned into watched "StarGate SG-1". I'm hoping you guys can guess by now that I am a very girly girl, and Si-Fi is just not my thing. Phillip is usually very understanding of this and will not watch the Si-Fi channel, or will not watch it around me. But he borrowed this set from a friend and it's been different. Every time I'm cooking dinner, cleaning thehouse, get up to use the bathroom, refill my cup, get something to eat (literally anything that keeps me out of the living room) the show that we're watching is paused and the StarGate DVD is started up immediately. I'll groan or make a comment, and he'll say, "I'll turn it off when you come back in". Then, I will return to the couch and he will watch it until I voice my annoyance. The past 2 nights have been nothing but StarGate (Lord help my soul) because I've been too tired to fight it. But, last night, he actually let me have control over the TV. So, as any good woman looking for revenge would do, I found the "Lifetime" network and watched a woman's movie (heh heh heh!) Last night was perfect though! The Martha Stewart Movie was on!! AWESOME!!! I looooove Martha and I was super psyched to watch it. I really started thinking about the movie and how things really went down and real life. First, Cybill Shepard sucked as Martha. Oi- Vey! It was not a good thing. I would looooooove the chance to play Martha! OMG! Second- it was funny to me how they portrayed her daughter, Alexis, in the movie. I'm a big fan of hers as well, and it just seemed weird to me. Third- how would you like to have been on the jury that found her guilty! Holy Hannah! I would have flipped! There's no way they would have let me in the jury box b/c I'd have my little picket sign stating "I HEART MARTHA!" in bright pink letters with lace glued on as trim! Fourth- they showed how Martha was in jail and there was a Christmas decorating contest in her unit. Could you imagine working with her and going through that challenge with her... awesome.... just awesome! Anyway, I love my Martha, and I hate how they portrayed her as a beast at all times. I'm sure she's tough, but not like that all the time (at least I hope). Watch it if you can and let me know what ya think.

Oh, also, I got my hair cut yesterday. I sat down in the chair, told the lady how my hair likes to function, and then said, "Please, I need to feel pretty. Make me pretty!" My cut was styled after this:

Needless to say, my hair does not style like this, but the end product looks pretty good and I'm happy with it. I wish I could be all spunky like this though. It would be fabulous!

Oh, and another thing... a quick congratulations to my friends Catie and Chris who are getting married this weekend. I love you guys and I'll be thinking about you! :)


Catie said...

you're so cute. i was wondering what was going on in your life and was reading some back logs on your blog and saw your cute little shout out to us. we certainly missed you at the wedding--but understood. we are so excited to see you guys again! i hope you're doing wonderful! xox.